LMMS to MIDI Converter


This converts uncompressed LMMS project files (.mmp) (not .mmpz) to MIDI format. It converts:

  • Notes in regular tracks
  • Notes in Beats/Bassline tracks
  • Track names
  • Initial tempo and time signature - no automation
  • Mutiple files at once

It is intended to be a way to export tracks to another DAW rather than a way to create final MIDI files.

I've not done extensive testing with this but it's worked with each individual file I've tried it with. I tried to batch convert about 300 files and it froze for about 10 minutes. About 20 didn't convert but the rest did.

If you have any questions or comments, let me know here: Enable Javascript To Show Email Address

2019/01/24 - Fixed a bug where conversions were failing when time signatures had been automated.

2020/12/07 - It seems <pattern>s in the XML no longer have a "len" atrribute, which caused issues when trying to convert bassline tracks. Pattern length is now calculated using the length of the notes in the pattern and is rounded to the nearest full bar (multiples of 192 ticks).

Themes: 199x LZ